NEW! MKU23 G4 13cm Transverter

Another interesting new item announced by Kuhne Electronics is the MKU 23 G4 Transverter. This is a new approach to the difficulties of unaligned international allocations on the 13cm band and this new 4th gen transverter allows the RF settings to be changed across 4 different ranges:

  • 2320 – 2322 MHz
  • 2304 – 2306 MHz
  • 2300 – 2302 MHz
  • 2400 – 2402 MHz

IF frequencies are 144 – 146 or 146 – 148 MHz – LO/IF frequencies are selected using data selection lines. The multi pin connector also allows access to the normal TX lines, PTT lines, external amplifier controls and monitor lines. An additional line is also provided to allow connection of a LOCK LED for the 10 MHz reference. It is possible to change LO combinations in RX mode to allow for control band / band switching.

There is quite a combination of LO’s and IF combinations available and the manual describes these in detail. Setup / control of the transverter is also possible using serial data and a USB-RS232 converter.

Receiver NF is approx 1.5 dB with transmit power of around 1W.

This is a very interesting transverter and should be very interesting for satellite and EME users alike. The new G4 transverter is mounted on a block unlike the G3 transverters and might need a little more thought about mounting it onto a box. All connectors are SMA as standard.

More information can be found on the Kuhne Electronics website.

  • Input for an external 10 MHz reference source
  • Internal stabilized oscillator (can be used instead of 10 MHz reference frequency)
  • Four switchable frequency bands in the 13 cm band
  • RX and TX frequency range independent configurable
  • Big attenuator at the IF input for input power up to 5 watts
  • Fuses are self-resettable (polyfuses)
  • Super low noise converter in the receive path
  • Transmit gain and receive gain separately adjustable
  • Control output for additional amplifier stages or a coaxial relay
  • Adjustable sequencer delay
  • PTT can be switched by a voltage on the IF connector or by connecting the PTT pin to ground
  • Detector output (DC voltage) for monitoring the output power

RF range 2320 … 2322 MHz
2304 … 2306 MHz
2300 … 2302 MHz
2400 … 2402 MHz
IF range 144 … 146 MHz
146 … 148 MHz
IF input power 0.5 … 5 W, adjustable
LO accuracy @ 18 °C typ. +/- 2 ppm, max. +/- 3 ppm (without ext. ref.)
LO frequency stability (0 … +40 °C) typ. +/- 2 ppm, max. +/- 3 ppm (without ext. Ref.)
Output power typ. 1 W
RX gain typ. 20 dB
Noise figure @ 18 °C typ. 1.5 dB
External reference input 10 MHz / 2 … 10 mW (sine or square wave)
Reference input connector SMA-female, 50 ohms
PTT control contact closure to ground or +12 V on the IF-cable
Supply voltage +13.8 V DC (+12 … 14 V DC)
Current consumption typ. 1 A (TX)
Case milled aluminium
Dimensions (mm) 100 x 60 x 13
IF connectors / impedance SMA-female, 50 Ohms
RF connectors / impedance SMA-female, 50 ohms
Weight 140 g (typ.)



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