Welcome to The New Website

Hi and welcome to the new site!

With the new QTH move to Greendale I decided as I have literally a greenfield site for our new QTH and shack, that I would start a new site to coincide with the move, so that I can document all the new adventures.

So what can you expect to see?

Well as you can see I am very interested in the VHF-SHF spectrum and in particular, VHF-SHF DXing via moonbounce, tropo, Sporadic E, etc so you will definitely see lots of new stuff on that front.

I am also a keen builder both of indoor equipment and also outdoor kit too like antennas, dishes and feeds. So you can expect to see some different stuff on here than the norm.

VHF-SHF moonbounce is a very different world and the leading edge (or should that be extreme edge!) of ham radio.

I am also interested in other parts of radio too. I am a keen CW operator, part time HF fanatic, and contester (all bands).

So expect to see some fun things, some extreme radio and occasionally the odd rant – you have been warned! 🙂 Stay tuned!

I will also be publishing some interesting info from a few guests too so keep a look out for some of those articles too

73 Simon ZL4PLM


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