Dubus 03/2016 Out Now

The third Dubus for 2016 just arrived – a bit delayed behind Europe but still always a good read with a cuppa!  If your at all interest in VHF-SHF then this publication is a must. This issue has some interesting info on feeds for S/X band designed by OM6AA for the new Es’Hail 2 satellite – sadly won’t be much use down here as we won’t be able to see it from New Zealand.   OM6AA of course is a well known feed/antenna designer. I own one of the 23cms feeds from him that will be going onto the 5.2M dish soon. Also some good reads on LNA design and theory of digital QSO limits. All good reads and of course all the normal columns for tropo, aurora, microwaves and EME.

  • A Simple S/X Dual-Band Coaxial Feed for Satellite Communication
    by Rastislav Galuscak – OM6AA, Pavel Hazdra and Milos Mazanek
  • Solar Flux and Temperature at Millimetre Wavelengths by Dimitry Fedorov, UA3AVR
  • Photonic generation of microwave signals, achieved by beating two lasers together
    by Francesco Carraro, IW3GSH and Federico Sartori, I3QNS
  • Design of a 10 GHz LNA: From simulation to final result by Vincent Grigis, F1OPA
  • On the Theoretical and Practical Limits of Digital QSOs by Klaus von der Heide, DJ5HG
  • Midlatitude Es: Complex, Not Too Complicated – Part 2 by Jim Kennedy K6MIO/KH6

Check out the Dubus site for subscription info but its a must have for VHF-SHF’rs.


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